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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we seeing for these ticket. >> we are seeing them being sold on sites like craigs list anywhere from 50 bucks a pop all the way up to $500 a ticket. you might remember these are for tickets that were completely free. now world meeting of family officials are denouncing the scalping but local business owners throughout the area say demand for these tickets are great, great news they say because it could mean a big boom for their business. in between taking order for lunch rush, subway manager danny amean is war big different crowd, those in town for the pope's visit. >> i'm just trying to get a staff as much as i can over here. >> reporter: danny says at first he didn't expect as large a turnout for papal visit the as projected by city officials. >> we were hearing on the news or radio that septa regional rails weren't selling out, so people caring so much they might really not just show up. everybody is not really going
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that way. >> reporter: but with ticket selling out in record time two days straight for papal events it is now convinced crowd will pack the area around this restaurant. >> all of a sudden you hear two minutes the ticket are gone and now i'm sure they will be in demand and it is market street so we will have to be ready for it. >> reporter: even with the possibility of massive crowds, not all business owners are willing to soak up any potential extra revenue. >> it might be thirsty, they might want a snack and this could be big for business. >> but too much crowd, sometimes, it is difficult also. you cannot handle sometimes. >> reporter: now the next ticket release is set for 8:00 t is for sunday's papal mass. if history is any indication these will sellout in minutes but we have posted information on how you you can get your hand hopefully on some of these on our web site at cbs
6:02 pm we are live at the art museum greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today officials gave a clearer picture of security on the ben franklin bridge during the papal visit. we now bicycles and strollers will be a allowed, when that bridge opens up to only pedestrians. but reminder here by sickles are prohibited at papal events on the parkway, and independent hall. vehicle traffic will be suspended friday september 25th at 10:00 p.m. and set to resume monday the 28th around noon time. just 17 days until the holy father a arrives, be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" and cbs we have a full guide on our web site to help you plan for that historic event. maybe september but summer heat is still sticking around. today we will officially hit our sixth heat wave of the year. meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck with the very latest on the september sizzle, kate. >> jessica, i have been saying over and over we have to enjoy warm weather while we have it because it will turn cold soon enough.
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i'm sure i'm done with this weather and i'm sure you are thinking the the same thing. very hot, well above average and very humid. good news is we have more seasonal weather and maybe some below average weather on the way as we head into the weekend and next week. lets talk about the showers and storms across the region. they are missing us to the east at the moment. we have a shower over southern cape may counties, down the shore in the southern shore points you may see showers there. also ocean county but we have chance for some more numerous showers overnight and certainly tomorrow. there are showers over coastal ocean county right now. heat wave number six as we hit 93 at the a airport. we are back to the 80's tomorrow and friday. to take we have broke and tied some record. allentown broke record at 95. reading and trenton, georgetown delaware all tying previous record. we did not break a record here in fail but we got to 93 and still at 29 right the now but we have more comfortable conditions on the way by the end of the week, but first we
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have heavy thunderstorms that comes tomorrow. we will have more when i join you inside, back over to you. well new at 6:00 tonight new concerns about the safety of philadelphia's aging fleet of the emergency equipment. story cbs-3 i team has been following and investigative reporter walt hunter has details on the latest incident causing a real worry. >> reporter: crew of the pipeline 52 is prepared to accept pretty much anything when they roll out but on tuesday they discovered a set of their rear wheels and axle of their truck were falling off of their pumper if a wheel comes flying off, one you have a projectile that could hurt another person and cause another major incident or a crash. it could hurt members on the apparatus and responding truck could crash into anything. >> reporter: fire fighters union president andy thomas says fortunately the truck was not moving in emergency speed and in one was hurt but he adds break downs in the department's aging fleet are a
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real worry. >> i'm concerned that the aging apparatus will affect our membership safety. >> reporter: after this medic unit caught fire partially destroying an olde city firehouse the the iteam for the past two years has documented a series of apparatus failures. the day after engine five 2b again losing its wheel we found this 24 year-old pumper truck with peeling paint and more than 191,000 miles on it owe come meter covering for a front line piece of apparatus that was being worked on. this aging pumper first due to respond to any fire or hazmat incident at south philadelphia refineries. >> it is a safety concern for our members, yes, operating older equipment that should have been taken off the street. >> reporter: meanwhile city officials say they are committed to updating fire apparatus as quickly as possible. in the past three years they have purchased 21 pumpers, 36 medic units and two ladders and they are adding a dozen
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more new units expected by spring of 2016 with additional dozen on the drawing game if the cash materializees. for now however the crew of engine number 52, awaiting repair of their truck is using a reserve pumper, engine 247 which record show is 20 years old. now live in wissonoming, at pipeline 52 headquarters, city official whose declined a request to a appear on camera did not reveal any apparent cause for wheels coming off but they did provide record that indicate that this piece of apparatus did not have any history of serious mechanical problems. live from wissonoming, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you for that. four current and two former correctional officers in the philadelphia prison system are charged with supplying drugs and cell phones to inmates in exchange, for cash. >> "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in center city with more on indictments handed down today,
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alex? >> reporter: well, jessica, ukee, four of these men were serving as current correctional officers, two of them formally employed as such, and all 60 of them reportedly turn themselves in right behind me here today. hills and phones, traded on street corners for cash, sound like activity the that puts a person in prison, for this case, involved those who already worked there. due premyers, bryant seals, joe's even romano, george kindle, and mark thompson are all a accused of meeting outside individual, known in charging document as reported associates of the inmates. >> unbeknownst to the prison guard the purport add associates were working with the government. >> reporter: as a tip prompted this sting operation and investigation that took place from october of 2013 to june of this year. >> contraband would be provided to the prison guard, the the prison guard would then provide it to the individual, prison and we establish our case. >> reporter: in each case
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investigators say that the defendant agreed on several occasion toss smug until bundles of about 100 pills, and often phones, in exchange for 500 to $1,000 in cash. attorney jack mcmahon is representing former prison guard mark thompson who happens to be the son of the philadelphia police officer. >> any mother when are a philadelphia police officer or not, will be upset when your son gets indicted federally and probably doublely so when you are an law enforcement officer and good law enforcement officer. she's his mother. she's sticking by him. we're here to work our way through this. >> reporter: at lending inside job has outside as peck according to commissioner of prison, lewis, when it comes continue on mates with cell phones. >> they can use them to transfer messages, they can use them to intimidate witnesses, they can use them to further criminal enterprises if they choose to do so. is there a number of dangers presented by them. >> reporter: this
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investigation spans several local facilities, even though investigators say there is no evidence that these men were working together, or even knew when each other were up to now as for any current guards potentially being involved, in these kind of exchanges, right now the commissioner had this to say to them this afternoon. he said quote, you're next. reporting live in front of the federal courthouse, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news tonight, federal investigators revealed the cause of the deadly plane crash that killed former inquirer owner lewis katz and six others. the the ntsb says the crew failed to perform a routine preflight check and failed to disengage a safety mechanism before take off. the gulf stream jet over ran the runway, crashed and caught fire at the a a massachusetts airport in may of 2014. >> as our investigators examined the data about this accident flight, they found that the flight crew routinely neglected performing complete flight control checks. these checks would have identified that the gust lock
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was still engaged before taxiing the aircraft for take off. >> investigators also placed blame on the design of the gulf stream jet saying it did not provide an unmistakable warning that the plane could not take off safely. >> taxi company whose hit and killed two pedestrians in center city this week have been repeatedly cited for safety violations before the accident according to state record rosemont taxi cab has paid thousands of dollars in fines. the deadly accident happened early monday morning, after the made in america festival, police say 25 year-old a amanda degrilamo of phoenixville and brian boti of baltimore were crossing broad street near arch when they were hit by a cab. witnesses told police that the driver was speeding, no charges have been filed but pennsylvania state police are now assisting in the investigation. would the man federal prosecutors called the master mind behind the so-called basement of horrors is taking responsibility for her crimes. linda westin pleaded guilty to
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charge that he is she kidnaped and abused mentally disabled adults over a decade in a steam to steel their governmental benefits. she faces life in prison plus 80 years. attorneys for both sides say at agreement offers closure to the victims. >> ultimately the decision was made that this was the most just resolution, taking into account our current situation as well as background of miss westin. >> it was a good decision for everybody including the victims in this case. >> a former sentencing for westin has been scheduled for november 5th. pennsylvania pennsylvania senator pat toomey is speaking out against iran nuclear deal and calling for it to be reject n a piece this morning in the inquirer the republican wrote is there a by part can consensus that this makes the the world less safe and makes in military conflict more likely, not less. it is harmful to american security interests and it should be rejected. the debate on the deal is underway in congress right now, republicans are considering their options, and
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could possibly pass a resolution of disapproval, in the house. well, parents of the students at many local catholic schools are required to sign a new identity pledge. straight ahead, we will tell you what they are agreeing to do and what some of those parents think bit, kate? another very hot and humid day but now we're tracking showers and thunderstorms as a front moves in and that will put an end to the heat but we may have wet weather to watch this weekend. i will have your full seven day forecast coming up, hi, leslie. eagles continue to prepare for their season opener monday night in atlanta and few wounded bird return to the practice field today this will be first meaningful game for eagles quarterback sam bradford in 22 months, and we will hear from him coming up later in sports.
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tonight the phone would not stop ringing and and cable company kept trying to collect a debt she she did not know. now she's taking them to court. three on your side jim donovan tells you more about the law that she's hoping will be on her side and how it could keep business from his bothering you tonight at is 11:00 o'clock. new at 6:00 parents of students at archdiocese
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schools require a sign on the dotted line. >> archdiocese want them to pledge their support to the school's catholic identity, and to the archbishop when it comes to church law. "eyewitness news" reporter real solomon has the story from the archdiocese. >> reporter: new school year brings witt, promise and new friendships, and for parents of students in the archdiocese, this school year, also brought with it, a new in memo. >> i got all that and well aware of it. >> reporter: rhonda epps is talking about this memorandum have of understanding, sent out by the archdiocese. it is to be included in entry applications and in student handbooks. it states that while catholic schools place high value on academics, it is fundamental priority is fidelity to catholic teaching and identity. >> fidelity to the church, sound a lot like a marriage. >> reporter: ellen wolf, hoist not catholic but considered grade schools st. francis desales for her young son the memo is discouraging.
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>> he is just young, impressionnable and i want to be the one to teach him and he decide to be religious later in life, that is fine with me but i don't want it to be from the beginning. >> reporter: i asked the archdiocese about the timing of the note, and then an e-mail spokesmen ken gavin says no specific incident prompted the statement, but that catholic schools are catholic, and it was deem important to issue a document of this nature. the as she says she also isn't cot lick but, senting a shot at desales attending mass and learning about the the catholic faith. >> you should be expect because you know what you are signing up for. >> reporter: spokesmen for the archdiocese of philadelphia says they have realized many of their students are not catholic but felt it was important to remind parents that a catholic education has a strong religious component. reporting live from the archdiocese real solomon, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> thank you. kate is joining us now with a look at the forecast that might have a little change tonight. >> yes, this forecast has something for everyone. >> yes. >> yes. >> we shall see. >> we've got rain. we've got nice weather. cool weather. we have a little bit of everything except for heat and humidity. once we're done with today it doesn't look like we're in the 90's again which is great news. i think everyone has had their fill of 90's over past several weeks and new we're talking about a gradual cool down but cool air will take its time getting here. we have to wait for a front to progress. that will happen tomorrow. then we have comfort to look forward to lets take a look outside and take a view to our spring garden camera looking east toward new jersey and you can see it is ever more ominous out there clouds are definitely bubbling up at the moment. you can see dark clouds, and chance for showers to pop up here and there as we look off to the east. most of the the showers have been over new jersey and taking you back to the live neighborhood network shot of the middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse,
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you can see a few clouds through our area it does look dry but there are showers headed that way. right now 77 degrees in cape may courthouse. showers, thunderstorms popping up on storm scan three, they are few and far between but there is that shower over southern cape may county. and here are clouds we are seeing on the spring garden camera. these new showers just starting to form over burlington county at the moment. worst have it is well back to the west as front heads our way and it will get here tomorrow. i will show thaw in a moment. near term 92 in philadelphia. ninety in trenton. eighty the atlantic city airport but feels like 97 degrees in philadelphia a is there so much moisture in the air. it is a steam bath. that front comes through tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow is still steamy but not as hot, with the clouds, showers, thunderstorms that will be with us all day. so showers and storms are scattered through tonight and tomorrow morning, few scattered showers and storms here and there but heavier showers is tomorrow afternoon as this rain breaks out at five or 6:00. this time tomorrow we will talk about some locally heavy
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showers and storms, three-quarters of an inch to inch and a half of rain is possible and poor drainage flooding is a problem, slow evening commute, it could certainly slow down travel out there tomorrow. tonight mostly cloud which scattered showers, 72. tomorrow cloudy, very humid day, showers and thunderstorms at the anytime and threat for heavy rain, to that moisture in the at the months fear. good news is friday sun returns, beautiful day, saturday partly sunny, comfortable, 70's with the chance of showers sunday. rosh hashanah begins sundown and next week things look gorgeous, seasonal, sunshine, early next week,
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friday, saturday, sunday. >> but hoist counting. >> i'm ready for some football. >> i think everybody is. >> five days until it count, eagles continue to prepare for that monday night match up in atlanta a eagles and
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quarterback sam bradford no longer negotiating on contract extension due to his great preseason. monday will be bradford's first meaningful game in almost two years. last real game he played in was october 2013 when he suffered the first of two torn acl's. he has a healthy knee and a very positive outlook on the season. >> even though how long it has been but yeah, opening day is always exciting. when you have not played, i think i'm that much more exited to get out there and play. >> it will be the same as it had has every other season opener but now, i think, i just enjoy playing football more. it takes time to enjoy small things and just have fun because you never necessity when it will be taken away from you. beside normal excitement and jitters i will look to enjoy myself out there. >> nice sight to see at practice, tight event zach ertz back on the field. ertz is expect to be a key part of the offence this year but he has been out all preseason. he was cleared to go today. his status for monday night is uncertain. >> i don't want to miss any games. i work so hard to be ready for
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games and make an impact for the team. when games come around i know if i have an opportunity to play, i will play. we have to be smart for it because it is first game of the long season and hopefully i will play well. at the end of the day we will be smart. >> lesean mccoy said to be go week one of the season after being injured in bills training camp, his mouth is in mid season form n a recent article former eagle now buffalo running back was asked about his replacement demarco murray. shady said i think murray is good but i don't see him as competition as far as best back. that is interesting because murray was the league's leading rusher with the cowboys last season. phillies and braves tonight at the ballpark, phillies will try to that he that series with the braves with david buchanan on the mound. the last night they end up the series with the braves. big blow came in the eighth. er herrera with the home run to the right. phillies win five to nothing. >> hey. >> aaron necessity lah is the
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real deal. >> i love his game, just 22. love his game. >> thanks, leslie. >> we will be right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] there are no limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can... release. and our senator, pat toomey, led the fight to keep it that way. carbon pollution, a major cause of climate change, leads to more asthma attacks in children. over a million pennsylvanians now suffer from asthma. and senator toomey took over a million dollars from polluters. tell senator toomey: it's time to clear the air. vote for the clean power plan.
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the aramark towers in center city is the new home of a retail shop for all things, pope and papal visit. pop up store features official merchandise, that includes t-shirts, hat, toys and religious items. it will be opened through september 27th the closing day of the world meeting of families and in case you forgot the pope arrives in philadelphia, in just 17 days. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. cbs-3 evening news is next, jim axle rod anchors
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from new york. we will see >> axelrod: as congress debates the iran nuclear deal, republicans rally against it. >> every single thing about this deal is wrong, and we should never have allowed this to happen. >> axelrod: also tonight, terror at takeoff-- a commercial jetliner with 170 on board catches fire. >> people could see flames, and people wanted to get off the plane. they were just terrified. >> axelrod: that vicious hit on a ref. did an assistant coach put them up to it? and cbs news exposes a thriving black market that's robbing the world of priceless pieces of history. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axelrod: good evening. scott's on assignment. i'm jim axelrod. it was quite a scene at the u.s. capitol today. as the senate opened debate on the iran nuclear deal, opponents rallied outside.


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